Write for Bhanu Samaj

Shree Kutchhi Bhanushali Seva Samaj Trust (our Mantru Sanstha) encourages all youngsters as well as any Bhanushali (young or old) who loves writing, to come forward and write for Bhanu Samaj Magazine and Website Blog Posts. 

What topics can you write for Bhanu Samaj?

  1. A brilliant idea that can help Bhanushali community.
  2. Any innovation, technology, upcoming trend related article.
  3. Any event you have participated and learned something that you wish to share with all.
  4. A book that you read and wants to share a book review.
  5. Beautiful story that you read and it’s very inspiring and worth sharing? Please do.
  6. Education specific article that helps students for career guidance.
  7. Parenting DOs and DONTs that you wish to share.
  8. Traveling journal worth sharing like a place or city or country you visited and would like to share.
  9. Spiritual, Yoga, Meditation, Health, Finance & any other topics.

Basically, ANY IDEA THAT IS WORTH SHARING, don’t hesitate to submit. Team of Editors at Shree Kutchhi Bhanushali Seva Samaj Trust, will evaluate and review your submission and if selected, it will be printed in Bhanu Samaj magazine as well as the website. 

So come & join us here, & WRITE for Bhanu Samaj! Keep writing!

Hari om!