Bhanushali Yuva Shibir 2020

Bhanu Yuva Shibir 2020

Bhanu Yuva Shibir is a good blend of physical, intellectual as well as spiritual activities. Physical activities included warm-ups, Khel, Running, and Hiking among others. Youth participants will also play Maha-Khel such as Kho-Kho and other games. Intellectual activities comprising various talks/presentations on the role of Hindu Dharma in today’s society, social action, the current state of affairs, inspiring stories, and others. There will also be a number of discussions on a variety of topics. There will be spiritual activities included Ish Chintan (morning prayers), Yoga, Meditation and lively bhajan sessions amongst others. There will also be lighter fun-filled activities such as dumb-charades, campfire, and skits showcasing the creativity and talent of the participants.

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A number of senior people will also visit the Shibir and provide able guidance in various fields. Their simple presence during the Shibir and informal interaction with the participants will create a huge positive impact. Food & Stay will be arranged at the campsite.

Participation in the Yuva Shibir will be an invigorating and inspiring experience for all. People from all cities will come together, learn from each other, and understand ideas from different perspectives. Participants will leave with a better sense of how they could involve themselves in society and create a substantial positive impact on their community as a youth.

To register for the event, click on the link below: 

Hari om!