27th Oct 2013 – 2:00 PM – Drawing Competition

Note: Sorry, Last day for submission was 13th Oct 2013. Please join us on 27th Oct 2013 at Bhanushali Wadi to encourage our Bhanushali kids.

Drawing Subjects (Age will be calculated as on 13.10.13)

Group A (4 to 7 years) Any one

l Flower Vase
2 My Toy
3 Fish aquarium
4 Design in Lamp

Group B (7+ to 12 years) Any one
l Duck in Pond
2 Any Cartoon Character
3 Fun Fair
4 My Birthday Party

Group C (12+ to 15 years) Any one

l Visit to a Zoo Park
2 Woman Harassment
3 My dream
4 Global Warming