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BhanushaliSamaj.in is an online portal for Bhanushali community. This will be helpline to students at every stage, to business man, to professional person, job portal, marketing product, house wife and for senior citizen. The website will give update about all the projects undertaken by Shri Kutchi Bhanushali Seva Samaj Trust. It will also publish all Events, Activities happening in our Samaj and also display Announcements.

About the Bhanushali Community 

The Bhanushali community is one of the many communities who have been inhabiting the territory of Gujarat better known as the District of Kutch.

The roots of the Bhanushali Community run deep since time immemorial.

Being a small and financially backward community in the early days, many a people elsewhere were oblivious of its existence.The other major factor was Illiteracy, lack of education which inhibited the exposure to the outside world and hence resulted in a stagnant growth

This precisely was the factor that led to the formation of The SHREE KUTCHI BHANUSHALI SEVA SAMAJ TRUST.

Started as a social service organisation in 1929 , it culminated to the formation of the Trust in 1934.

Founded by the Bhanushalis themselves, the Trust has virtually brought about a metamorphoic change in the lives of the people of this small community in particular and mankind as a whole.

From its inception, the Trust has been working relentlessly to bring all the needy people of the community at par with the others in the world with respect to education, profession, sports, cultural activities, etc.

Today many Kutchhi families have experienced their lives virtually being transformed , They have been given the opportunities , which once were almost impossible.


Bhanushali conquers the highest peak – Mount Everest 

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