of Shree Kutchhi Bhanushali Seva Samaj Trust

    1. Giving free education to boys and girls.
    2. Giving scholarship to meritious boys and girls for studies in India and abroad.
    3. Have organized 4 camps for giving free ‘Hepatitis B’ vaccinations in which 7000 people totally have been vaccinated.
    4. Every year and since last 7 years have conducted medical camps in Nalia (Kutchh) and have examined 14000 men, women and children at the average of 2000 every year.
      • Note: After this medical camp the needy people have been operated for cancer, cataract, utrus, hernia and similar other diseases and in all roughly about 350 to 400 operations have been taken place which were done free of cost in either hospital of Mumbai, Bhojai or Bidada.
    5. Have conducted free medical check-ups for Thalassemia and G6PD in the districts of Vapi, Valsad, Sarigam, Umergao and Jamnagar and cancer detection camp at Nalia first of its kind in Kutchh.
    6. Have contributed to establish cancer detection center, one of its kind in the entire area of Kutchh i.e., in Mandvi.


  1. Have helped the earthquake victims i.e., on January 26, 2001. Thousands of people in the state of Gujarat have lost their lives and property worth crores of rupees has been damaged. Entire villages had nothing but rubble at that time. The most affected parts of Gujarat are Bhuj, Anjar, Bhachau and several villages in Kutchh where the elderly men and women of our community are living.
  2. Below mentioned are the works carried out by our volunteers.
    • 1st team of doctors of this organization left for Bhuj Kutchh on the same day with available medicines.
    • The 2nd team of doctors of this organization comprising of 18 Doctors left for Bhuj by air on the early morning of 27/01/01.
    • The 3rd team of doctors and volunteers of the organization left on 27/01/01 by two Buses & one full truck load containing medicines, mineral water, milk powder, tea, coffee, torches, food items, edible oil, tents, blankets, clothes etc.
    • On 27/01/01 the camp was established at Bhuj – Kutchh at Bhanushali Boarding. Since then on a daily basis the following relief providing activities were carried out for about three months.
    • Food was served 24 hrs at the boarding every day to about 3000 affected people for about a month and a half.
    • Medical aid is given to the injured.
    • For the families who have lost their homes, accommodation in tents is provided.
    • Food, blankets, clothes, medicines etc have and are being been sent to remote villages.
    • About 40 truckload full of aid has been sent.
    • A base camp was set up at Nalia and an ambulance with 3 doctors and 3 volunteers gave medical aid to those affected in the villages for about a month.
    • Provided the affected people with places to stay, basic cooking requirements, clothes, medicines etc for about a year as everyone had lost their belongings.

We envisage involvement in more and more educational, medical and social activities for which we need the support of all well-wishers.