BOSS 2023 Students Data

Hello Everyone,

As you know Bhanushali Overseas Support System (BOSS) has been working to support Bhanushali students going abroad for studies and job since last 6 years. If you have got confirmed admit from any university abroad, then fill up this form.

Who needs to submit this form? If you are a student, who is planning to study abroad for any of the following intakes:
A) Spring intake 2023 (Starts in January)

B) Summer intake 2023 (Starts in May)

C) Fall intake 2023 (Starts in August)

D) Spring intake 2022 (Starts in January) (if you missed being registering for last year program)

What are the advantages of submitting this data?
1) Bhanu Samaj will have your data securely and will be helpful to learn about your career whereabouts

2) New students if need any help, this data will be useful to connect accordingly

3) If you are stuck or need any assistance, its good to give your data to Bhanu Samaj so that we can be in touch with you anytime. 

4) If we have your data, we will help you connect with Alumni of that University, also will help you with temporary accommodation and when you need internship or job, we can connect you with professionals in the company you need job. 

5) And many more advantages…. 
So, don’t wait, fill this up asap and if you happen to know anyone in your circle, who is Kutchhi Bhanushali and is going or gone abroad in this year, then send him this link / form as well.

Thank you

BOSS Team. 

Thank you again!