BKC admission terms & conditions

Girls Hostel and Student House Admission Rules 

  1. Only a student of Shri Kutchi Bhanushali caste can apply for admission.
  2. Mr. Kutchi will be able to apply only in the admission letter approved by Bhanushali Seva Samaj Trust.
  3. Do not assume that the admission was granted after receiving the admission form.
  4. According to the coefficient determined by Seva Samaj, only students who have done Std. 7 will be admitted.
  5. The application form can be obtained from Seva Samaj’s Mumbai office or local boarding by the date announced by Seva Samaj and the application form filled with complete information must reach Seva Samaj’s Mumbai office by the date fixed by Seva Samaj. Even the local committee will not have the right.
  6.  The applicant student will be required to be a lifelong member of the student service community.
  7. Only 8th grade and above students are eligible for the admission.
  8.  The following criteria have been laid down in the matter of admission approval in which the income will be calculated from the joint family (earning single brother as well as sister living with the parents).
  9.  Only one student from the same family will be able to get admission in class B Vidya Vidya will be able to get admission in which class or both the students will be able to get admission in class C.
  10. Applications from students with impaired brain or infectious disease will not be accepted.
  11.  The application form will require a recommendation with the signatures of two representatives of the village as well as a letter of recommendation from the Mahajan Mitra Mandal of the village.
  12.  After the application is approved, the entrance examination will have to be given before entering the boarding in which the admission of the student who fails will be canceled.
  13.  Applications that have been approved with the Jesse class must be filled out at the time of boarding, otherwise admission will not be granted.
  14.  Fees will not be refunded under any circumstances once the loading has been entered.
  15.  After getting admission in standard 8, study up to standard 10 will have to be completed compulsorily.
  16.  Students who fail the annual examination will not be re-admitted.
  17.  A fine of Rs.1000 / – will be levied on the student who fails in the first semester six months which will also be refunded in the annual examination.
  18.  Students who have become related will not be admitted and will be discharged from the house if they succeed in their current studies.
  19.  The decision on boarding admission applications will be taken by the Executive Committee of Shri Kutchi Bhanushali Seva Samaj Trust which will be final and binding.
  20.  English subject will be compulsory in SSC standard.
  21.  Parents will be responsible for getting admission in the campus if they do not show up in the student hostel on time and if they do not get admission in the school then admission in the student hostel will be denied.
  22.  Students of a village which has a high school will not be able to apply for boarding admission except in special circumstances.
  23.  Admission will be given to the same boarding which has space.

Rules of Girls Hostel and Student House

  1.  HareShri Kutchi Bhanushali Seva Samaj Trust Mumbai will be binding on every student of the house which must be strictly followed by the student.
  2.  The responsibility of running the student hostel has been assigned to the housewife by the housewife so that the student as well as the guardian will have to obey the guru mother of the housewife.
  3.  Parents, guardians and other relatives will not be able to meet the student without the permission of the housewife and the student will not be able to take the student out of the hostel.
  4.  Parents as well as students with any kind of complaint should write to the local committee or Mumbai Seva Samaj Question Office.
  5.  The body must strictly adhere to the schedule of the girls hostel.
  6.  Parents will be able to see their children only on the day fixed by the housewife.
  7. Parents should not bring any food from outside.
  8. After receiving the news of the student’s illness, the parents will be able to attend the boarding and take him home as per the doctor’s advice.
  9.  The right to remove a Hindi student from the Student Home Ministry for unreasonable or misconduct will be vested in the local committee as well as the Seva Samaj committee on the recommendation of the group mother for which no one will object.
  10.  Students who have been admitted to the Student Home Girls Hostel will have to provide the daily program with accuracy.
  11.  At the beginning of the semester, the students will have to show up at the Student Home Girls’ Hostel two days in advance.
  12.  Reporting that Ganpati, the housewife, has returned after playing a game outside of school or returning from work outside.
  13.  If you want to go to school or play or go out of the house, it will be necessary to take leave of the housewife.
  14.  The student has to live in consultation with all as well as in brotherhood. Do not consider each other or form a group. Do not show jealousy. Do not obstruct the work of the institution.
  15.  Strict adherence to the rules of the school the student attends.
  16.  Don’t eat market foods, don’t be addicted to tobacco, don’t be addicted to outside food and don’t be addicted to other addictions.
  17.  While staying in the house, the student should not bring the student’s jewelery or valuables from home and also should not keep the money with him and if there is any, he should deposit it with the Ganapati housewife.
  18. Each student will have to use the textbooks, notebooks and other items provided by the institute with care.
  19.  Everything should be deposited with the housewife in good condition when going home on vacation or leaving the hostel.
  20.  Students will be allowed to go home from the student hostel only during Diwali vacation as well as summer vacation. For other general reasons, written approval of local committee will be required.

I have read the above rules of the hostel of the institute as shown on the page and I am bound to abide by the given rules strictly. With the result sheet of my last exam and bonafide certificate has been sent so please give me admission.